Assessment Services


The underlying cause of a person's problems isn't always clear.  Just like a doctor will order various tests to determine what is causing the symptoms, we use psychological assessments and tests to arrive at a diagnosis to guide treatment.

Play Therapy


Child Centered Play Therapy is a counseling approach in which the relationship between the therapist and the child is the foundation of therapeutic change. The therapist provides conditions and developmentally appropriate materials to facilitate free expression and self-directed play of the child. Play serves as the child’s language. In a safe environment, the child moves toward self-enhancing behaviors and ways of being.



After assessments are completed an appointment is scheduled for a consultation to review the results.  We utilize the information from tests and assessments to reach a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.  This process helps ensure that the client receives a unique treatment plan tailored to their individual needs.


Through a variety of professional counseling techniques, we help individuals and families with emotional, physical, and mental health issues to improve their sense of well being, reduce feelings of distress, resolve crises, and provide hope for a brighter tomorrow.